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Zevaḥ Todah, which translates as »Sacrifice of Thanksgiving,« is a halakhic essay on Jewish ritual slaughter. Completed in the summer of 1779, it was composed by Yaḥya Ṣaliḥ, a renowned Jewish sage and head of the Beth Din in Sana’a, Yemen. Despite the author’s wish that his essay be printed, however, no printing press existed in Sana’a or its vicinity at that time.

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The Benin House around 1947 © Courtesy of Dana Sokoletsky.

On the corner of Rothschild Boulevard and Nachlat Binyamin Street in downtown Tel Aviv stands an office building: the Benin House. Dwarfed today by skyscrapers, in its day it was an urban landmark, built in the International Style by architect Zaki Chelouche.

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