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Work in the Concordance room, early 1930s. Sitting: Levi Billig. Standing, from the left: presumably Noah Braun, Walter J. Fischel. © The Hebrew University of Jerusalem/Goldberg.

Founded in 1926 by the Frankfurt-based Professor Josef Horovitz, the School of Oriental Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a research institute for the study of Arabic and Islam, is considered one of the clearest examples of the German-Jewish influence on Jewish scholarship in Palestine.

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Shmaryahu Levin, London, to Ignác Goldziher, Budapest, 30 October 1919, Oriental Collection, Library and Information Centre, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, REAL-MS: Manuscript Collection of the REAL Repository, http://real-ms.mtak.hu/id/eprint/8134.

In October 1919, Shmaryahu Levin sent out letters to several prominent Jewish European scholars. The letters concluded with a simple yet effective question: »What would make the Hebrew University Hebrew One of the recipients of this letter was the Hungarian Orientalist Ignác Goldziher.

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