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Shmaryahu Levin, London, to Ignác Goldziher, Budapest, 30 October 1919, Oriental Collection, Library and Information Centre, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, REAL-MS: Manuscript Collection of the REAL Repository, http://real-ms.mtak.hu/id/eprint/8134.

In October 1919, Shmaryahu Levin sent out letters to several prominent Jewish European scholars. The letters concluded with a simple yet effective question: »What would make the Hebrew University Hebrew One of the recipients of this letter was the Hungarian Orientalist Ignác Goldziher.

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David P. Boder visits Dachau, David Pablo Boder Papers (Collection 1238). Library Special Collections, Charles E. Young Research Library, UCLA.

Im Interview des lettisch-amerikanischen Psychologen David P. Boder mit dem Holocaustüberlebenden Isaac Wolf geraten die Interessen des Forschers und die individuellen Bedürfnissen des Befragten in Konflikt.

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Resolution on the situation in Germany adopted by the World Jewish Conference in August 1934, Yad Vashem Archives P.13/152.

In August 1934, Jewish delegates from twenty countries congregated at the Bureau Central in Geneva for the third preparatory World Jewish Conference. The representatives  had accepted Nahum Goldmann’s invitation to push forward with the founding of a new transnational Jewish advocacy organization.

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The National Library of Israel, Archives Department, Archive of Uriel Tal. Permission to upload was granted by the family of Uriel Tal and the National Library of Israel.

The correspondences of historian Uriel Tal confronts us with questions concerning the relationship between the structure of analogical reasoning, which he carefully applied, and the normative principles guiding his work. A letter to his colleague Isaiah Berlin in the summer of 1981 provides a few hints.

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