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David Werner Senator’s journals. Source: Central Zionist Archive (CZA), AK100. Photographer: Giora Katz.

One February day in 1990, the Zionist Archive received a small package containing several slim notebooks, which formerly belonged to David Werner Senator (1896–1953). Senator, a senior Jewish Agency official and the Chief Administrator of the Hebrew University during the British Mandate, had left a long paper trail documenting his work. This modest box, however, contained materials of a different sort.

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Wedding Certificate (in Hebrew and Yiddish) of Raphael Finkelstein and Jochebed Anolik, 4 September 1923. Source: Author’s Private Collection.

אחת הסוגיות המעניינות בדיונים היסטוריוגרפיים במדעי הרוח היא המוטיבציה האישית המניע את המחקר המדעי. מדוע חוקר או חוקרת מתעניינים בנושא מסוים? האם המניעים האישיים הסובייקטיביים, יהיו אשר יהיו, תורמים להבנה שלמה יותר של נושא המחקר?

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University of Chicago Library, Morris Raphael Cohen Papers, Box 53, Folder 3, Oscar I. Janowsky, New York City, to Morris R. Cohen, New York City, 19 June 1940.

On 19 June 1940, Morris Raphael Cohen received an upsetting letter. The Russian-born philosopher, who ranked among the most respected Jewish scholars in the United States, was on a trying mission. Driven by the outbreak of World War II, which put the survival of the Jews of Europe in jeopardy, he wanted to play his part in the fight for the future of his people.

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